We specialize in non-invasive laser brow tattoo removal, HD brow sculpt, semi-permanent brows and lamination. Our brow artists carefully analyze your face to design a brow that will enhance your features and compliment your complexion and colouring.

HD Brow Sculpt

Brow mapping and designing to your liking then trimmed, tweezed or waxed to perfection.

Brow Lamination

Boost your natural brows, giving the appearance of greater length, volume and definition.Texture is our most favoured brow trait. We contour the natural hair in a way that balances proportion and adds dimension to your brows. We finish off with an argan oil serum leaving you with a result lasting 4 - 6 weeks.

Semi-Permanent Make Up

Also known as micro-blading! Our talented brow artist will help you design the right brow shape for your facial features and create the most natural looking brows! Feathering brows are lines only, Ombre gives a powdered look, or if you’d like both we can create a combination to your liking.

Non-Invasive Laser Brow Tattoo Removal

Our state of the art brow tattoo removal is non-invasive, does not break skin, does not need to avoid water, can use products the next day and has no after-effects. It disperses the colour pigments under the skin so there’s no scarring or scabbing or damage to hairs!


"Nothing better than a bold brow. Thanks to the lovely team at @song_lashandbeauty for the perfect Brow Lamination + Dye. Obsessed."