We provide classic, 3D volume, textured, upward, coloured, bottom, lash lift services. Only using premium lash extension products that provide a gorgeous and natural appearance.

Classic Lash Extension - 100

Best suited for those who want a natural look, 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash for a clean and fresh aesthetic. Perfect for getting lash extensions for the first time!

3D Volume Cotton Candy 0.05 - 125

Also known as Russian volume. Hand crafted ultra fine lash fans for a full and glamourous look.

3D Volume Textured - 145

Wispy and layered with longer lashes mixed in evenly for that extra glam. Texture can also be applied to classic lashes! Let us know when you want to add a little spice to your extensions.

10D Ultralight Mega Volume 0.02 - 165

Thinnest and lightest lashes in the market! Suitable for those who want some extra glam for their lashes. It’s super lightweight so no natural lash damage!

3D Soft Cherry Blossom - 145

Light and textured and using a unique technique for a more up-lifted and layered look. These lashes are suitable for those with downward growing lashes.

3D Dreamy Caramel - 145

Light and airy with dark longer lashes paired with shorter caramel lashes for a layered look. More natural than the 3D volume sets.

3D Dandelion 0.03 - 145

Lightweight hand crafted ultra fine lashes fans for a weightless feel on the eyes and just as full as Cotton Candy. Great for those who like a little volume to their lashes but have sensitive eyes or prefer the weightless feel.

3D Volume Japan Antibacterial 0.05 - 145

Many bacteria adhere to eyelashes every day. The eyes can become sensitive to stimulation. And there are times when we don't wash our face carefully, because we give priority to the sustainability of the glue. Anti Bacterial lash was born by its own patented technology of kneading the antimicrobial material in the raw material.

Yumi Lash Lift - 109

A keratin infusion that curves the natural lashes upward & locks in a dark glossy sheen. Suitable for sensitive eyes, takes around 1 hour to complete & lasts 8-12 weeks. This vegan, cruelty free treatment packs a punch.

3D Starlet - 145

3D Daisy- 145

3D Tiara - 145

3D Dahlia - 145

Classic with texture - 120


All of our lash technicians are trained in all lash services by Song Lash and Beauty. If you are interested in learning more about our training services and to become a qualified lash technician.

Lash Training


"One of the best clinics I've ever been to! I loved how they did my nails at the same time as my eyelash extensions, so efficient when you don't have much time."