Brow Tattoo Removal

Q: How many sessions do my brows need to be removed?

A: This depends on a few things
1. How many times you had a semi-permanent brow make-up done.

2. What colour and quality the pigment is.

3. If there’s any scarring under the skin and how deep from the semi-permanent brow make-up was.

4. How the colour bounces back after the first session

We will need to make an assessment after the first session to decide how many sessions are needed.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: There will be a slight feeling that clients have described as feeling like getting their brows plucked. Some also have said it feels like a rubber band flicking.

Q: Are there any scarring?

A: There is no scarring with this procedure, and you can continue your day without worries.

Q: What will it look like afterwards?

A: It will depend on the pigment but usually it’ll fade to a brown from darker pigments and a light brown for the reddish pigments.

Q: What are the aftercare procedures?

A: You can get them wet afterwards but avoid hot temperatures, avoid direct sunlight for the first day, can apply make-up the next day, wait at least 15 days for your next session.

Q: I want to get a new set of semi-permanent brow make-up done, what do I need to know?

A: Let your skin go through its renewal cycle of about 4 weeks before getting a new set done. With regular application of the recovery serum given after your session your brows will continue to disperse the colour pigments.