Elevate Your Beauty Career, Mastering Lash Artistry

Embark on a transformative beauty journey and elevate your skills in lash artistry. Join us for an opportunity to learn from the very best in the business. Our experienced industry expert will guide you every step of the way, sharing their wealth of knowledge & insider tips. By training with us, you're not just acquiring skills; you're gaining insights from those who have mastered the art. It's your chance to learn from industry leaders, refine your craft, and set yourself on the path to becoming a true beauty professional.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

Next Course Dates: 28th Sept, 29th Sept and 1st October 2023

Course Highlights:

  • Lash Application
  • Shaping and Styling Techniques
  • Separation of Natural Lashes
  • In-fills and Aftercare
  • Safe Lash Extension Removal
  • Hands-On Practice (Model Provided)
  • Workplace and Trolley Setup
  • Allergies and Irritations, Safety Distance
  • Adhesive Specifications and Retention
  • Policies and Pricing
  • Client Schedule Management
  • Photography Fundamentals
  • Certification of Completion

Course Fee: $1838.00 (Including GST)

What's Included:

  • Full Lash Kit (at $350 value)
  • Classic Lash Certificate

1 on 1 training available upon request

Located in Ellerslie, Auckland

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Elevate Your Career: Unleash Your Inner Lash Artist

High Demand

Financial Opportunity


Creative Expression

Client Relationships

Continuous Learning

Personal Satisfaction

Low Startup Costs

Job Security

Training and Certification

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey to become a qualified and excellent lash artist?

Meet Your Tutor - Sophia

Passionate about Lashing and Beauty

For over 13 years, I've been on an incredible journey, dedicated to turning my childhood dream into reality and making my mark in the beauty industry.

It all began in 2012 when I embarked on the exciting path of building my own business, specializing in the art of nails and lashes. Today, I'm proud to run a thriving and successful lash and nail salon where we pamper our clients and make them feel like royalty.

But my journey doesn't stop there. What truly lights up my world is sharing my expertise and knowledge with others, helping them develop their skills and passion in the world of beauty.

As a trainer, I have the privilege of working with aspiring lash and nail artists, guiding them on their journey to success. Witnessing their growth and seeing them build their own lashing empires brings me immeasurable joy.

I believe that beauty isn't just about appearance; it's about confidence and self-expression. My mission is to empower individuals to feel their best, both inside and out, and to leave a lasting impact on the world of beauty.

Join me on this extraordinary beauty adventure, and together, let's paint the world a little more beautiful, one lash at a time!

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10X Smarter, Better!

In the world of lashing, where quality and lasting lashes are paramount, basics just won't cut it.

We're committed to excellence. We understand that you don't want guesswork or endless trial and error. You want results, and you want them right from the start. That's why we're here to help you skip the learning curve and dive straight into mastering the art of proper lash skills.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can learn from the best? Our training programs are designed to equip you with the expertise and precision needed to excel in the industry. We'll guide you through the intricacies of lash artistry, ensuring you're well-prepared to kickstart your business.

Our goal is simple: to help you retain clients who appreciate and leave with quality lash work. Join us, and let's make your mark in the world of lashing together.

Why Choose Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Our program prioritizes impeccable lash application techniques that set the foundation for a successful career in lash artistry. We understand the allure and magic that beautifully lashed eyes can bring, and we're here to equip you with the skills to create that magic every day. Buy Course Button

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